Social media & the diagnostic odyssey

INTERVIEW A SOCIAL MEDIA SEARCH In this video, we hear from Ema McCorkell who lives with the rare condition FND or Functional Neurological Disorder.. We learn about her diagnostic odyssey of five years and how her ability to navigate her own way through information sources and social media helped her to achieve a diagnosis.

Nick’s story, facing the challenges of AKU

INTERVIEW  Nick Sireau's story, facing the challenges of AKU Nick takes us through the journey that many patients and families go through when they suspect that something is "not right". We hear about the journey to reach an answer and how Nick's life took an unexpected twist which enabled him to not only grow the AKU community to...
Nick Sireau Findacure

The diagnostic odyssey, seeking answers

INTERVIEW The diagnostic odyssey Nick Sireau, CEO of Findacure highlights the prevalence of rare diseases and the importance go GP's and other Health Care Professionals in their early identification and referral.